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Caution: Bitchin' about lady parts. Feel free to skip.

So for the past 6 months, on and off, I've been trying different types of birth control pill. The idea was that it would mellow out my PMS -- tone down the moodiness, tone down the nausea, make it less "What are we going to land on on the Wheel of Terrible this month?" and more "The Wheel of Terrible is stuck, here is the one thing that's going to happen every month." The Pills served no other purpose than to help with PMS, since birth control is covered by the fact that I am sterile.

I think I went over this in a previous post or on Twitter, but THEY ALL FAILED. If anything, they made things worse. The latest two (which were basically Lite versions of the regular pill, according to my doctor) made my periods SUPER HEAVY, and if I missed one pill -- which I totally did -- it meant my period came IMMEDIATELY. Meaning I got two periods a week after one another last month, which was awesome.

That was sarcasm. It was not awesome.

I'm now off pills completely again (and back on Prozac, and was prescribed an anti-nausea pill for the days when I'm feeling off), and according to my calendar, a week late. Which is lovely.

I'm not pregnant -- I'm paranoid enough that I keep a stash of tests around -- so it's probably my body going "You totally fucked up last month, you're gonna get NO WARNING on the opening of the elevator doors this time," and I am now in a state of permanent PMS until whenever the damn thing rolls around. Meaning I feel a bit like I've been run over by a truck, with mild cramping and slight nausea that pops up occasionally. Apparently this is a pretty common side effect of coming off of the pill.

Being a girl suuuuucks.

Edited on 2/26 to Add: And the elevator doors have opened, of course the day after I got super paranoid about everything. Huzzah.
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