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God, I haven't updated this thing since October. I remember when I used to update it two or three times A DAY. Being an adult: losing things to LiveJournal about?

Anyway. What's been going on.

• I am now a cyborg! I got an insulin pump last month, meaning that instead of doing shots 5 times a day I am programming a little device to put insulin inside me. I have to change the entry site every 3 days, and loading it's a bit of a hassle (it's a Tandem G4, or whatever the one with the Dexcom in it is), but I've gotten better at that process at least (after fucking up and wasting insulin a fair few times).

• Had Thanksgiving down with family in Maryland and it was good. Not much else to say there really. I have a new nephew. Babies are…small sort of humans. I still have no desire to have one of my own.

(If you want or have kids I have absolutely nothing against that! Have fun! It's just not for me.)

• The first weekend of December, [ profile] spotweld and I went down to Disney World to see the Christmas celebrations. It was a lot of fun, though the Halloween party ranks above the Christmas party in our personal opinion. Also, if you ever get offered a Wyndham time share deal? I would recommend against it. We knew it'd be a hard sale going in, but having a salesperson literally call you stupid, a waste of his time, and say that your financial methods were ridiculous was beyond the pale. Even if we were interested — and the resort was nice! We could have been! — the final sales presentation was enough to turn our stomachs.

But Disney was fun! We're annual passholders now so we might be going back in March.

And speaking of Disney…

• We're still planning a trip for October. I need to get my act together on updating the forums, but feel free to check them out:

I've unfortunately been unable to make reservations for us because I just spent a ridiculous amount of money on an insulin pump, but I'm hoping to get that done before the end of January. Dual income no kids IS extremely beneficial to the bank account, fortunately for us.

• I still like my job. After having so many shitty jobs and terrible bosses, you have no idea how glad I am to be able to say that.

• Christmas was quiet. The day after, we toured the three local distilleries (all within less than forty minutes of our house), and we've spent the week just chilling. Spot's got the week off to catch up on bills and various chores and errands that haven't been done, and I'm working, so my days are spent babysitting printers, but that's okay.

Here's to an interesting new year, hopefully with me having the time, energy, and motivation for more creative pursuits. We shall see.


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