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Turkey - currently thawing in fridge. Currently looking like we will be brining it tomorrow night, because a lot of folks have told us that brining is basically awesome (and I got some free from my retail job at that fancy cooking store last year).

Gravy - Going to attempt a gravy base this year, using the giblets & neck from the turkey when we take it out to brine it tomorrow. Should give me a thicker, hopefully more flavorful gravy than I got last year (which was more or less roux-based and done on the spot when the turkey came out of the oven).

Rolls - Honey rolls were baked yesterday, currently chilling out in the freezer. Will be heated up and finished in the countertop oven on Thursday. If [ profile] chefmongoose brings cornbread, as planned, the rolls may not come out; they were made as backup and can be eaten whenever :)

Dessert - Five pound apple pie with a cheesy crust is go: the filling is awaiting usage in the fridge, as is the crust. We may also make pumpkin pie because I roasted an amazing amount of sugar pumpkins. Also made a batch of cinnamon ice cream, and will probably have freshly whipped cream available.

Green Bean Casserole - Green beans from our CSA were blanched and frozen over the summer, onions & mushrooms are bought, chicken stock is ready. [ profile] spotweld is officially in charge of the green bean casserole.

Potatoes - We have a lot of them. Currently trying to decide whether we do mashed potatoes or curly fries. Or possibly both. I have maple cheddar, you see, and the idea of that mixed into mashed potatoes pleases me.

Dressing - Multigrain bread made fresh over the weekend and allowed to sit out and get stale. Will be mixing my own sausage again for it. Going to do it in the crockpot this year to free up stovetop space.

Thanksgiving? We got that :)

In other kitchen-based news, the microwave has decided it does not want to work and is sparking and making weird noises. Fortunately, we have a spare from Spot's old apartment (and outside of melting butter and nuking leftovers or popcorn, we don't use the microwave all that much anyway). We can't really do anything until after Thanksgiving because the microwave has the vent fan built into it (it's above the stovetop) and we'll need that tomorrow and Thursday. Might be time for a trip to Ikea or Sears. On Black Friday weekend. Oh God.

We can survive without a microwave for a bit, I think.
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Current Count:
• Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Banana Muffins (24)
• Apple Cider Muffins (24)
• Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins (6 - these are actually leftover from when Spot's folks visited, but they make an appearance)

• Roasted Banana Cupcakes (12 - These are the only preorder I got! For Hollyann :) )
• Whipped Cream Cupcakes (15 - these will be stuffed with candy apple jam & topped with apple pie spice icing)
• Black Velvet Cupcakes (24 - red velvet but spooky. These will have orange cheesecake frosting)
• Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes (24 - the only caffeinated cupcakes of the bunch)

• World Peace Cookies
• Chocolate Chip Cookies
• Pumpkin Spice Kisses Cookies
• Captain Picard Cookies (Earl Grey tea, obviously)
• Peanut Butter Cookies
• M&M Cookies
• Triple-Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

• Blueberry Scones
• Cranberry Orange Scones
(Scones will probably not be for sale, but to feed the dealers around me)

I think I might actually be able to stop at this point. I probably won't, but...well, I should ;)

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cakesSo I have been encouraged by certain parties -- that is, all of the FurFright staff who I have given baked goods to since last year -- to actually sell my cupcakes and cookies at the convention. This is possible because I have a business license and can follow the rules of a farmers market (instead of having to worry about health code violations), and has been approved by the Folks In Charge.

The questions left, then, are two: What specifically do I sell, and how much do I sell it for?

Obviously, cookies and cupcakes and brownies (and other bar cookies) are what I'm going to be making...but which ones? There are so many types. What homemade baked goods are your favorites?

And, if you were at a convention and given the option of baked goods, how much would you be comfortable paying for them? It can't break the bank for my customers, but I'd like to make a bit of profit, as well (the supplies I'll need for distribution -- boxes, etc. -- will actually probably cost me more than the baking supplies).

Any input is greatly appreciated!


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