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ConnectiCon was fantastic, as always. Ginormous thanks to Mat and the rest of the staff & volunteers at the con for making it amazing (let's get a food truck festival again next year, that was awesome). Also huge thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth, grabbed a business card, got some buttons, bought my book or commissioned me, just chatted about fandoms and general awesomeness, and all that fun stuff :)

And of course huge thanks to [ profile] spotweld for being my booth-mate and button maker the whole weekend, and to Phil & Grimm for helping out as well! We couldn't have pulled off the awesomeness without you guys, especially my husband, who I'm pretty sure realized what he was getting in to when he married me but I can never be sure (he knows now, though).

I took Monday off to veg and reset, though I was less worn out than I usually am. I'm reanalyzing how I set up my booth and advertise my art (I didn't at all this weekend, outside of my banner, and STILL got commissions, and I got to draw some fan art for cosplayers as well), but I *am* saddened by the number of folks who obviously felt the prices I quoted them were too expensive. Not because I think I overprice myself -- I have 20-some years of professional illustration experience, folks, and I know the time & work involved; I'm gonna charge you for it -- but because people are so unwilling to invest in art. I can't complain, it was still a great weekend (and maybe the lack of commissions is why I'm didn't feel so overstressed and exhausted Monday), but it's a thought to toss around and ponder.

In the meanwhile, Disney announced all the Food & Wine festival details, so it's time to start planning that :)

It's nice to have only one con (that I'm working) this year. A lot less stressful.
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Doing a quick "What if not everyone wants to share the same hotel room, even if it's the size of a small house" calculation -- a wise addition to any trip involving a bunch of folks who may not be exactly overly intimate with one another -- and I have figured out that, even if everyone gets a studio (closer to a hotel room than a house; no full kitchen, no washer/dryer), the numbers ALMOST don't change.

The only exception to this is if you are not sharing the room with someone. If you are in a studio on your own, the costs go up $300 - $500, depending on the hotel. And that's for the whole trip, not just one night.

More will get figured out as the planning continues, but I figured I oughta put that out there :)
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I sent an email to interested folks with this, but I'm also posting it here for the sake of me remembering the information for later. Thank you, LJ tags!

More details (which hotels I'm talking about, specifics on the dining plan, etc.) will be provided as time progresses. It's still a good 20 months away, and I need some more definites (specifically "Yes, we can come" and "Yes, we can afford to pay for it") before I can seriously start poking travel agents about it.

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