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On Sunday, December 16th, [ profile] spotweld and I will be at Pandemonium Books & Games in Boston for their Geek Faire. I'll be selling my geeky buttons (there are MANY more of them than shown here, including ALL of the Doctors [yes, 1 - 11, plus River Song and Amy Pond and I'm contemplating other companions, Daleks, K-9...] and a huge variety of My Little Pony stuff and cute animal faces) and random arty things, and probably spending whatever money I make AT Pandemonium...this is how they rope you in, you see ;)

So if you're local to the Boston area, come on over and see us! We are hoping to do a big dinner out with friends afterwards...Fire & Ice, maybe? We'll see!

(All conventions should only be 6 hours long. I'm just saying. There's a helluva lot less stress!)


Nov. 9th, 2012 03:43 pm
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This evening, Spot and I will be driving down to Pennsylvania to attend Sciggles' & Dragoneer's wedding tomorrow morning. It will be the first wedding I've been to that isn't family; I was flower girl way back when for one of my aunts or uncles (or one of each; I was like 3 or 4 and don't remember it) and I was at my mom's second and third weddings. Heck, I baked the wedding cake for my mom's third marriage.

I have to admit, it'll be interesting to see -- not only for the sheer joy of the couple getting married, but to do research for our wedding. Ours is going to be WAY more casual, what with being in our backyard, and odds are we'll be the ones doing the baking and the food (instead of getting a caterer, we're buying a grill and a large quantity of meat). But going to a slightly more traditional wedding will be excellent inspiration :)

And in the mean while, we'll get to see scenic Pennsylvania, which features outlet malls and Koziar's Christmas Village (click that link. The website is fucking amazing)! It promises to be a fun weekend...

...though after FurFright, the concert last weekend, and the wedding this weekend, I will be happy to have a weekend where we don't have to worry about anything.

Note to Folks Who Come to our Gaming Meets: Speaking of weekends, we're pondering doing a gaming meet on December 7 - 9, depending on weather. The Connecticut Science Center will be doing their Liquid Lounge thing on that Friday (21+ only from 6 - 10pm, with booze. Last year there was a burlesque show!) and we figured we could kind of blend everything together, providing crash space and such. It's going to depend on weather and general busyness, but it will give me an amazing excuse to BAKE ALL THE THINGS.


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