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Still like it. Quite a lot, actually. And this past week was my first time doing the non-graphic design stuff, which was challenging but I'm learning it! This is the first job I've had since the newspaper that reminds me very significantly of the newspaper job...which is beyond great. That's the job I wanted to spend the rest of my life at. It's kind of awesome I've got another job like that.

I like that I can leave the job at work, too: after I put my 8 hours in, I clock out and that's it. I don't have to worry about it. I can come home and relax. That is beyond amazing to me.

I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop, though. Shows what having a bunch of shitty, abusive jobs will do to you. Job PTSD, I guess.

Still. Hoping for the best :)
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That job I was having second thoughts about, after 3 days of "testing it out" and sending a bunch of references, has not called or contacted me. Clearly I made a great impression =p Not too bothered by not getting it, in all honesty. It's probably saving me a lot of trouble.

I do wish they'd pay me for the 10+ hours I spent learning how everything worked, though. That's kind of unfair, I'd like those hours of my life back.


Getting prepped for ConnectiCon. Received my order of charms, postcards, and plastic bags for customers (not enough artists/indie crafters include bags to actually carry the stuff in). Only thing I'm waiting on is my new button-based business cards. Currently making a ridiculous amount of buttons so we're not making them on the fly like we were last year. Redoing the displays using foam board instead of cork to allow for more buttons to be displayed (can fit 81 or 100 depending on how many I want to cram in each row; the cork only allowed for 42 per board, I think? Amazing how much an extra two inches does #thatswhatshesaid). Also adding graphics to a vest that I am going to cover with buttons so I can be a walking advertisement, for those moments when I actually leave the table.


Our CSA starts this weekend, huzzah! We will be getting fresh veggies every week and maybe I can lose this weight that I've put on since the whole Job From Hell Part 2 stress last year. Jobs From Hell: Question your own competence AND gain a pants size!

(I think it's probably my metabolism changing with age, but I'm sure the stress didn't help.)

I know I need to exercise more and that it will help my fitness, my weight, and my depression, but getting the motivation to get started is the issue. Once I get started I'm fine -- just like when I'm drawing a comic -- but actually getting to the point where I DO start is the difficult part.


Speaking of comics...a famous comic art site of the erotic persuasion is accepting submissions. I'd like to try, but they say outright: No furries. I can draw things other than furries just fine, but I've never really had an excuse to draw human erotica I worry that submitting the best examples of my comics (which, of course, are all anthropomorphic animals) will make them go, "Ehhhhh...we SAID no furries..." even though they'd just be examples and not anything I would expect them to publish.

I'm annoyed that the kind of art I like to draw is a very tiny niche that freaks a lot of people out. Dear world, Just because I draw people with animal heads gettin' it on, it does not mean I want to fuck animals. I just think animal heads are more fun to draw than people heads! Oy.


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