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Missed my monthly update for September. Whoops.

Life isn't boring but it's not overly exciting which isn't a bad thing.

We leave for Florida on Thursday: a week of tiki -- hitting Fort Lauderdale for the best tiki bar in America, the Mai-Kai, this weekend -- and Disney (because of course we're going to Disney again). We're staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and I'm currently annoyed because I have to get through 3 workdays and a pre-dawn wakeup to actually get there, but I know I'm gonna be happy when we're there. Food & Wine Festival, which we haven't done since our honeymoon, and all the other awesome stuff in the World. We're annual passholders for a reason.

I'm definitely in need of a vacation :) So is Spot. And Disney is basically a home-away-from-home, so it's great to be going back for a week of adventurous relaxation.
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Remember in my last post how I said we might be going to Disney again in March? We're totally going to Disney again in March. Less than two weeks from now. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

Yesterday we went down to New York City to stretch our legs and continue my goal of visiting a different tiki bar every month of this year. This goal would be admittedly way less challenging if we lived in California or Florida, but I'm not letting that stop me. In January we went to Hu Ke Lau in Massachusetts, this month we hit Otto's Shrunken Head, and next month we will be hitting Trader Sam's Grog Grotto in Disney. After that, I'm hoping to go to the new tiki bar that opened in Portland, Maine, this year. After that? Who knows. Summer opens up a lot of possibilities, since up here there are a lot of seasonal places that do outdoor tiki-style stuff as soon as Memorial Day rolls around. It may involve going up to Cape Cod during the busy summer months, but it'll be worth it. Maybe.

October, though? We'll be hitting Disney again, with hopefully a day trip to what is ranked the best tiki bar in the nation: The Mai Kai.

In the mean time I will be Kermit-flailing about the fact that we're going back to Disney in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS and reorganizing our very extensive tiki mug collection.

Oh, yeah, and work. And cookies. And sketches. And all the various other boring life stuff :)


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