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PLEASE NOTE: All these trip-related posts are also being posted on my forum,

At some point I will probably email them, too, but in all honesty the forum is WAY easier to keep track of.

Big ol' giant post that has tables because I am anal-retentive and uberorganized. )
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Because I'm still living in the 1990s, and because the internet has amazingly not come up with a more convenient method for group discussion (outside of randomly shouting at the world on Twitter), I started a forum for the Disney trip:

I will continue to post information here (behind a cut, so I'm not plowing everyone over with boring technical info and me geeking about Walt Disney World), and via email, but if people actually started posting feedback over on the forums it'd be kinda nice.
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Doing a quick "What if not everyone wants to share the same hotel room, even if it's the size of a small house" calculation -- a wise addition to any trip involving a bunch of folks who may not be exactly overly intimate with one another -- and I have figured out that, even if everyone gets a studio (closer to a hotel room than a house; no full kitchen, no washer/dryer), the numbers ALMOST don't change.

The only exception to this is if you are not sharing the room with someone. If you are in a studio on your own, the costs go up $300 - $500, depending on the hotel. And that's for the whole trip, not just one night.

More will get figured out as the planning continues, but I figured I oughta put that out there :)
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I sent an email to interested folks with this, but I'm also posting it here for the sake of me remembering the information for later. Thank you, LJ tags!

More details (which hotels I'm talking about, specifics on the dining plan, etc.) will be provided as time progresses. It's still a good 20 months away, and I need some more definites (specifically "Yes, we can come" and "Yes, we can afford to pay for it") before I can seriously start poking travel agents about it.

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