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Hi, LJ. Long time no post. Though I do read my friends' entries every morning.

Anyway I got a thing going:
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I just mailed out the last of the contributors' copies of the Bawdy Bartender book! Huzzah! Now to come up with something else to do.

Lessons I Learned With This Project:

1.) Charge more for the art. I charged WAY too little for the pin-ups; it ended up amounting to about a third of what I normally charge. But, it let me experiment with the whole "book making" thing, which was the whole point, so I can't complain TOO much.

2.) Flat rate shipping is your friend. Mailing stuff first class with insurance and mailing stuff flat-rate priority mail (which includes insurance free) has about a twenty cent difference, and those twenty more cents are on the first class. I don't quite understand why not using your own envelope costs less (you'd think it'd be more), but I'm not gonna question it.

3.) Self-imposed deadlines work quite well. My deadline was to release the book on Halloween, and I did; it successfully premiered at Furpocalypse. I didn't get everything shipped until today, of course, but still.

4.) Printing, laminating, punching & binding your own book is a bitch. But, I priced doing it in the quantity I did (very small run) and doing it myself may have used a lot of my time, but it saved me a fair amount of cash. Doing it at Staples — the only place I can find that will do small runs of laminated, bound books — would have eaten the entirety of the money I made drawing the art, and then some. I would have actually lost money, making buying the book even more expensive for possible customers.

Thoughts In General:

Next time you do this, less laminating. The biggest bitch was laminating the pages, cutting them out, and then running them through the laminator again. It took, by far, the most time of all the steps in the book making, and I bought both a second laminator and 2 new rotary cutters (so [ profile] spotweld could help).

Lamination is also the most expensive aspect of getting books done through printing companies, and I can totally understand why. It wasn't expensive to do it myself, it was just extremely time consuming.

My binding machine is little, but powerful. It's designed for binding scrapbooks and such, but the little sucker did 30+ 19-laminated-page books without giving me an issue. Best Christmas gift I've gotten recently.

Future Book Ideas:

• Cheesecake Cookbook - This describes itself. Cheesecake pinups with cheesecake recipes
• Beefcake Cookbook - Muscle dudes with meatloaf recipes?
• Sketch of the Day book - Compilation book of Sketch of the Day that's been running over on Patreon since May or June (and technically has been in existence since…good lord, 2006?). Home binding is extremely convenient for printing this since I could do VERY small runs of the book.
• Compilation of any of the comics and/or portfolios I've done over the past decade
• New, very small run comics
• Porn
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And we roll into 2014 without any major weirdness happening, which means that it's already happened or it will be happening soon, or both. We shall see!

2014 is going to be a year of Trying To Better Myself, which is going to probably turn me into a whimpering ball of "omgwhy" every other month, but hey. I'm going to try to work through my chronic depression and do more art. I'm also going to promote my art more and attempt to make a job of it, which has the possibility of ending disastrously but I can't learn that if I don't try.

I'm going to draw a comic project with Saghiir, whether we get accepted to an anthology or not (did I mention we applied to be in Beyond? We totally did because we're awesome) because I love the characters and also because, to be blunt, I wanna see how the story ends! I also have a fresh idea for a new comic story, centered in a (mostly) human universe, so we'll see where that goes. I've had hundreds (thousands?), of comic ideas in my lifetime, and 99% of them have gone successfully nowhere...but I'm sick of that, and I want to change it. I also want to work outside the furry fandom for once, because it's a niche audience; I will ALWAYS have an audience, as long as I draw furry, and that's awesome! But I also want to see what audience I can get (and hopefully maintain?) outside of the fandom*.

I also know that once I get started on a project, other projects will roll into my brainspace. I work very well when I have several different things going at once.

Currently, I'm on a sketchbook-making kick. Inspired by Mossy, and thanks to my mom getting me a wire binding machine for Christmas, I've started crafting sketchbooks:

A wild Sciggles Book appears!

And I think they're pretty neat. I hope to start taking commissions for them soon because they are relatively unique. I can also make scrapbooks, journals, and other types of books, too, but sketchbooks was the obvious go-to.

As usual, for the end of the year, I locked all the entries from January 1 to December 31, 2013. This is NOTHING TO BE WORRIED ABOUT, it's just how I round out my years on LJ.

* - If you take this as "OMG the furry fandom SUCKS!" you completely and utterly missed what I said.


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