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So every anniversary since Spot & I have been married we've spent with friends or family (mostly family). This is fine — it's great, our friends & family are amazing — but it's an anniversary, you know? I wanted to do something on our own.

So in TWO DAYS we'll be headed to San Diego. Because I got the wild idea that going to California for our anniversary would be awesome and the means to get there existed readily thanks to excessive airline miles.

Current plans include at least one tiki bar (the Bali Hai), the Zoo & Safari Parks, seeing a live taping of @midnight (already got tickets), and possibly Disneyland. Very possibly Disneyland. Disneyland is more or less a definite but I keep saying "if" because we're trying to do this trip on the fly outside of the Zoo, and I'm failing spectacularly at not planning. But I enjoy the hell out of planning so I can't complain TOO much.

We may hit other tiki bars — Tonga Hut in Hollywood and Trader Sam's in Disneyland — and possibly Oceanic Arts and/or the Tiki Farm home base, if they're open. I'm trying to decide if hitting 3 tiki bars in one month will contribute more than one to my "once a month" count (can I skip June & July so we don't have to go to Cape Cod or Long Island during actual summer? I haven't decided yet).

And yes: we know that Los Angeles/Anaheim/San Diego are a fair distance from one another. Our rental car ranked over our hotel room when it came to luxuries, simply because we knew we'd be driving a lot.

We still need to pack, though =p
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Remember in my last post how I said we might be going to Disney again in March? We're totally going to Disney again in March. Less than two weeks from now. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

Yesterday we went down to New York City to stretch our legs and continue my goal of visiting a different tiki bar every month of this year. This goal would be admittedly way less challenging if we lived in California or Florida, but I'm not letting that stop me. In January we went to Hu Ke Lau in Massachusetts, this month we hit Otto's Shrunken Head, and next month we will be hitting Trader Sam's Grog Grotto in Disney. After that, I'm hoping to go to the new tiki bar that opened in Portland, Maine, this year. After that? Who knows. Summer opens up a lot of possibilities, since up here there are a lot of seasonal places that do outdoor tiki-style stuff as soon as Memorial Day rolls around. It may involve going up to Cape Cod during the busy summer months, but it'll be worth it. Maybe.

October, though? We'll be hitting Disney again, with hopefully a day trip to what is ranked the best tiki bar in the nation: The Mai Kai.

In the mean time I will be Kermit-flailing about the fact that we're going back to Disney in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS and reorganizing our very extensive tiki mug collection.

Oh, yeah, and work. And cookies. And sketches. And all the various other boring life stuff :)
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So Furpocalypse's dealer registration has come and gone, and I am on the wait list.

As are the majority of local friends I know who applied. Though 4 friends who aren't local got tables? And one local friend? So that's a thing? A Connecticut con with no Connecticut-based artists seems weird to me *shrug* But last year they didn't even publish the dealers list until like, October, so who knows who got in.

ANYWAY. With no table, the convention is of no interest to me. Sure, I love seeing friends there, but I see the same friends at every gaming meet...and those I don't see at gaming meets, I see because they want me to draw them things, or we wanna do homework together, or whatever. A lot of my friends are fellow artists =p

Spot will still be running the gaming room, obviously. And I MAY end up hanging out and running a few games, but in all honesty I'm looking at other things to do on Halloween weekend...ranging from Sleepy Hollow's haunted activities to Salem's psychic faire (seriously) to, depending on money, taking a plane trip somewhere for a solo weekend abroad.

I dunno. It bugs me that the con that is literally less than ten minutes from me turned me (and a lot of my friends) down for tables, but I guess it proves they aren't biased? When you're the wife of a staff member and you can't get a table...


Anyone doing anything Halloween weekend and want to hang out? My husband will be busy, and unless I help him out in the gaming room I'll be on my own that weekend.
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Or is it Presidents' Day weekend? I guess it's both, really.

[ profile] spotweld and I did our traditional Valentine's Day dinner on Friday night, cooking up porterhouse steaks, potatoes, and brussels sprouts, with a side of red wine (Apothic's Crush, if anyone's curious; Apothic makes amazingly tasty wine blends and I highly recommend them). Then we shagged good & proper.

Saturday we headed down to NYC for PonyCon. I've never done a brony convention before, and I wanted to meet a friend from Twitter (a friend who is part of the team responsible for Twilight Sparkle's Secret Ship Fic Folder, which is the kind of game I wish we had in the furry fandom -- why are all our card games porn? Luckily they're working on a new game that isn't pony-specific [I may get to help with the art, woo!]).

It was neat seeing a convention that I'm not a dealer for, which I haven't done in literally years. We picked up lots of swag, supported the Traveling Pony Museum (Dear furry fandom, This is a great idea! Steal it!), and totally missed out on any panels because we wanted to eat at a local British pub and also wanted to catch Munchkin World NYC before they closed for the night.

Munchkin World NYC was a pop-up store, located in NYC because everyone was already there for the New York Toy Fair, and devoted to Steve Jackson Game's Munchkin series. We learned about it on Twitter as we were traveling to PonyCon, and considering SpotWeld is a board/card game geek and I have absorbed a fair chunk of this geekiness by marrying him (my geekiness is like a sponge), we both wanted to go. Munchkin is a great game if you've never played it, and it's simple enough that I actually know how to play (I prefer board & card games that don't require much brainspace, as I often am also cooking/cleaning/playing host during gaming meets -- and please don't think I mind because I very much like being the host! :) ), and the guys at Steve Jackson games are all pretty awesome. Spot takes advantage of their Men in Black during FurFright Furpocalypse, and they're always great guys. I suspect Spot would be amongst them if he wasn't playing minion to me at most conventions!

So we got some of the limited edition cards, looked through the new art for the cards coming out in Star Munchkin 3 (Time Lard!), saw the new box artwork for Steampunk Munchkin -- which, besides being steampunk, has art by Phil Foglio (who is definitely one of the Gods of Steampunk), so I imagine Spot will be purchasing it the moment it comes out (sometime in July this year), -- learned about Munchkin Loot Letter (which is Love Letter, but with Munchkin; it's very cute and doesn't require the amount of girls hitting on girls that Love Letter did last time we played...not that there's anything wrong with that ;) ), and oh yeah, Spot won Munchkin Quest! Signed by Steve Jackson, John Kovalic, and Andrew Hackard! Meaning, admittedly, that game will never leave our house (it will NOT be coming to any conventions with us, sorry, guys), but hey, how cool is that?

After Munchkin World, we ended up walking through Times Square, which is as bright as day even at 9pm. A quick detour into their giant Disney Store earned my Figment hat (thank you again, [ profile] world_dancer, it's definitely my favorite hat!) a lot of compliments, and then we wandered our way back to the subway station, trying our best to ignore the heaving masses of tourists and people in badly assembled costumes (fursuits: they spoil you). A quick ride over to Grand Central, and then we were on our way back home.

Sunday we spent mostly lounging around the house, though I did randomly get the urge to go buy frames for my new pony art and some art I got in Disney...which was oddly fortunate, because Micheal's is having a big President's Day sale, so it cost a lot less than it would have if I went later this week. We also hit Target for random necessities like shampoo, and I ended up grabbing some jars because I plan on making bumbleberry jam or jelly sometime this week with all the berries we have sitting in the downstairs freezer.

Which means I will be putting up a "WHO WANTS SOME JELLY" post sometime whenever I finish that.

I also ordered a few things for working on convention stuff, since ReGeneration Who is a mere month-and-a-half away and I need to get started on prep for that. I'm planning on making a new cocktail book of Doctor Who-related drinks, which means I'm gonna be playing the "power through that art" game before the month is over.

All in all, a great Valentine's Day weekend :) And now, to work on some commissions!
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PLEASE NOTE: All these trip-related posts are also being posted on my forum,

At some point I will probably email them, too, but in all honesty the forum is WAY easier to keep track of.

Big ol' giant post that has tables because I am anal-retentive and uberorganized. )


Jan. 7th, 2015 01:13 pm
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Driven through the canyons I was
Dazzled by the mountains and we didn't go very far
Close enough to heaven if you
Climb up on a mansion you too can swing like a star

In ONE WEEK, [ profile] spotweld and I will be on a plane somewhere over the middle of the country on our way to San Jose. I'm just a little excited, in that I have brought back lyrics to describe myself, which I have not done in quite some time.

The unneeded excuse for going, of course, is Further Confusion. I haven't done a BIG furry convention in years, so this con is going to be a big deciding factor in a lot of things…mostly: Are big furry conventions still worth going to? Is the time/money/travel stress worth it? Or is staying close to home and focusing on my online commission work the way to go?

As you all know, I've been overly critical of big furry cons because the money I made didn't make up for the time/money/travel stress that went into one a few years ago. I was completely underwhelmed by the traffic, though I can fully admit: it may have been the economy and it wasn't just me (though I've heard similar things from other, much bigger name, artists). Further Confusion seems to have taken the dealer:attendee ratio into account for their dealers room, which as a dealer I agree with wholeheartedly. I've heard nothing but good things about it from artists who've gone previously (as in: you barely have time to eat, you get so many commissions), so I'm hoping it'll change my views on bigger cons.

Then again, the last big convention had the whole "terrorist attack" issue so who knows. I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst, which is my normal state of being (yeah, I'm that kind of person).

At least I fully don't expect to pay for our transportation with convention earnings. Sadly, cross-country plane tickets are a WEE BIT too expensive to expect something like that. Though…that would be a HELL of a convention.

I was just a passenger a
Rider on the tremors that were shaking all our beds at night
A visitor a stranger thought I
Might pass for a regular if I just kept out of the lights

Besides Further Confusion, which again is the unneeded excuse to get out to California (I can write those plane tickets off as at least a partial business expense), I've got a dorky, happy excitement going on for staying with [ profile] tugrik. It's a feeling very similar to meeting a crush for the first time, which it pretty much is (we've probably crossed paths before, but I spend most conventions braindead and in "work mode" — if you've ever worked retail you hopefully know what I mean…I've re-introduced myself to people I've met before at the same convention a few years in a row because of this. On the other hand, I get to meet folks for the first time several times!). And yes, Spot knows fully about my crush and is okay with it, as far as he's let me know.

Can I mention how glad I am that I married Spot? Let me mention that again here: damn, I'm a lucky girl.

After Further Confusion, all three of us will be driving down the beautiful California coast — assuming no major storms show up, anyway, as I know that makes the Pacific Coast Highway kind of a bitch to drive — to Anaheim. Despite being a huge Disney fan, Spot's never been to Disneyland, the place that started it all. Sadly since it's off-season a lot of it is closed or under construction, but hey, it won't be crowded!

I really wish we had more time on the trip. Part of me thinks "Damn, I wish the convention wasn't that weekend" even though that's part of the reason we're going. But I think no matter how much time we had, we wouldn't be able to see it all. Tiki bars, jade hunting on the coast, the Missions, weird tourist attractions, San Francisco & Los Angeles/Hollywood/etc. in general…and we won't even be going further down the coast, which is sad because the San Diego Zoo is amazing but we just don't have the time.

Of note: the International Tiki Marketplace at Don the Beachcomber's will be taking place THE DAY AFTER WE LEAVE. Aaaaaaaaaaaugh. Though two cons one right after the other might be nuts. We should plan to do that some year, though.

I wonder if people who actually live in California feel like there's no way they can possibly do everything. It's been forever since I lived there (or near there, considering my years in the desert of Arizona) but I can't help but think it's more normal than anything (similar to what I imagine living in NYC is like…"Oh, yeah, Empire State Building? Walk by that every day."), despite that it takes 6 or more hours of driving to get anywhere.

Well, I can't be pissy about it: we're gonna have a lot of fun and I'm gonna eat a ridiculous amount of In & Out Burger.

(That is not the only thing I'm excited about but damn I'm looking forward to it.)

Tore my heart out from my chest
Mixed it up in my mind with the best freshest pieces of my soul
Chose the ones I loved the most
Drove 'em all down to the coast
Threw 'em in a big black hole

Now, back to convention preparations. I've gotten most things done, but I still need to work on my Sketch of the Day book (if it doesn't get done I won't be TOO depressed about it), pick up some more new markers, and make some more badge examples.

And if you're also gonna be at Further Confusion: Lemme know and/or come say hi! Space 25 in the dealers' room, I'll be there most of the convention selling my wares and drawing all the things. I also take badge & commission orders in advance, if anyone wants to throw money at me now ;)
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The weather has decided that "wintry mix" was a good plan for one of the busiest travel days of the year. Looking at Google Maps, most of our route is covered in accidents.


You know, I've lived all over the country, and I think Connecticut is the only place I've lived where we get a true wintry mix. It's not "snow in the morning, rain in the afternoon" or "sleet turning to snow sometime when it gets colder as the day goes on" is very literally snow and rain and sleet/ice/freezing rain (sometimes all three) all at the same time.

So everything's a slushy mess, and it sounds like it's raining right now, but it looks like the plows and salt trucks are out. We've got a bunch of sci-fi audiobooks, a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and a full tank of gas, so I'm not TOO worried about being stuck in traffic.

I also filled my iPod with Christmas music (next to the John Scalzi and Neal Stephenson), so I'm ready for the drive back. I refuse to play Christmas music or watch Christmas specials until Santa appears in the Thanksgiving Day parade.

The trip hasn't even started and I'm already tired. I blame the weather.
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I've started something dubbed by Luno as "The Bawdy Bartender's Book," and it is going to be my main project this month (outside of running around in circles excited about going back to Disney World)! Poke on over to my FA journal to get the full scoop. I still have a few spots open, though if no one takes them, I will throw my own characters into the portfolio :)


Less than a month till our Disney trip and we are uberpsyched. I am reading WAY too many blogs and forums that I have already read a bunch of times, and following far too many Disney-related accounts on Twitter. I already know a ridiculous amount of everything about it, but I'm still doing it. Because EXCITED.

Of course, after our Disney trip (with a slight bounce in October for our local convention), I will be playing the "excited as all hell about going to California" game. Apparently the secret to keeping me happy is to know I will be traveling in the near future.


I was gonna say some other stuff but I have, in all honesty, completely forgotten. I'm gonna go back to spazzing about Disney and working on sketches :)


May. 5th, 2014 03:49 pm
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Just got approval for my Dealers Room application -- if all goes right (And by which I mean "World War Three doesn't happen before then"), I'll be exhibiting my works at Further Confusion next year :D

I haven't been this excited about a convention in quite a while, though I'm admittedly using it as an excuse to take [ profile] spotweld to California. He's never been, and there's so much to see.

I plan on making at least a week of it, outside of the convention itself. Fly into San Jose, fly out of Los Angeles, drive down the coast because he's never been to Disneyland and we're both Disney geeks. Hopefully we will have a day in San Francisco, too, where I will overindulge on sourdough bread.

And actual decent Mexican food. And See's chocolate. And In & Out Burger. Oh my yes. You can just roll me home, I don't mind.

Plus there are several people I am hoping that, by going to this convention, I will finally be able to meet in person and share a meal with. Who wants to come to Disneyland with us?

Not kidding on that last question, if you're free the week following Further Confusion :)
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After my breakdown last week, it was decided that I need a vacation. Technically, I think both me AND [ profile] spotweld need a vacation -- possibly he needs a vacation from his crazy wife, though he doesn't see it like that (thank non-specified deity) -- and we were actually chatting about the possibility of going to Florida for warmth and sun a month ago. We decided against it, due to cost of plane tickets and necessary time off, but the breakdown was just a sign that if we didn't do something soon I would combust into a ball of self-hatred. As seen in my last post, I actually kind of did already; we're just cleaning up the mess at this point.

So Spot took next week off and we're leaving on Saturday for a good ol' fashioned road trip. Current route is basically straight down I-95, with stops at DuClaw Brewing and South of the Border. Nothing else is really decided, though I've been poking through online blogs of road trips of the same route and getting ideas (mostly food-related). I'm trying not to overplan, which is difficult for me because I enjoy planning, but I also want this to be a relaxing road trip and planning every hour of it will turn it into a "How come we couldn't do this?" situation.

Hell, I'm not even really sure what our final destination will be, or if we even have one. Orlando, Cocoa Beach, Key West...somewhere warm & sunny, basically.

Spot suggested we bring some D20s for those "What do we do?" moments. This actually seems like a pretty fantastic idea. Leaving it up to the Universe!
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On Sunday, December 16th, [ profile] spotweld and I will be at Pandemonium Books & Games in Boston for their Geek Faire. I'll be selling my geeky buttons (there are MANY more of them than shown here, including ALL of the Doctors [yes, 1 - 11, plus River Song and Amy Pond and I'm contemplating other companions, Daleks, K-9...] and a huge variety of My Little Pony stuff and cute animal faces) and random arty things, and probably spending whatever money I make AT Pandemonium...this is how they rope you in, you see ;)

So if you're local to the Boston area, come on over and see us! We are hoping to do a big dinner out with friends afterwards...Fire & Ice, maybe? We'll see!

(All conventions should only be 6 hours long. I'm just saying. There's a helluva lot less stress!)


Nov. 9th, 2012 03:43 pm
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This evening, Spot and I will be driving down to Pennsylvania to attend Sciggles' & Dragoneer's wedding tomorrow morning. It will be the first wedding I've been to that isn't family; I was flower girl way back when for one of my aunts or uncles (or one of each; I was like 3 or 4 and don't remember it) and I was at my mom's second and third weddings. Heck, I baked the wedding cake for my mom's third marriage.

I have to admit, it'll be interesting to see -- not only for the sheer joy of the couple getting married, but to do research for our wedding. Ours is going to be WAY more casual, what with being in our backyard, and odds are we'll be the ones doing the baking and the food (instead of getting a caterer, we're buying a grill and a large quantity of meat). But going to a slightly more traditional wedding will be excellent inspiration :)

And in the mean while, we'll get to see scenic Pennsylvania, which features outlet malls and Koziar's Christmas Village (click that link. The website is fucking amazing)! It promises to be a fun weekend...

...though after FurFright, the concert last weekend, and the wedding this weekend, I will be happy to have a weekend where we don't have to worry about anything.

Note to Folks Who Come to our Gaming Meets: Speaking of weekends, we're pondering doing a gaming meet on December 7 - 9, depending on weather. The Connecticut Science Center will be doing their Liquid Lounge thing on that Friday (21+ only from 6 - 10pm, with booze. Last year there was a burlesque show!) and we figured we could kind of blend everything together, providing crash space and such. It's going to depend on weather and general busyness, but it will give me an amazing excuse to BAKE ALL THE THINGS.


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