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Jan. 25th, 2014 10:50 pm
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We got the Volvo back yesterday. It was the alternator...and the dealer replaced it free of charge, covering the cost of both the part and the labor, because they realized that the amount of problems the car had was driving me to consider serious complaints about them and the company itself.

(I assume, anyway, maybe I'm being presumptive.)

I'm still annoyed, and I'd still like to complain more, but they did the right thing: they stood by the car, and they fixed it after it continued to fuck up. So long as nothing else goes wrong anytime soon, I will keep a reasonable degree of annoyance but also respect for them doing the proper thing.

If anything else happens, though...they'll be hell to pay. I'm still contemplating going in on Monday and complaining about getting sold a faulty mess, but I figure I might as well complain at the wall because the problem is fixed; it'll have the same effect.

And yeah, I'm still depressed; that's not something that'll change with the days. Today Grimm brought over cookies because he is awesome and we played Machine of Death and Smallworld and watched My Little Pony, and now I'm drinking mead, and it'd been an okay day.

One day at a time. I'll be seeing the psychiatrist on Friday, and they will give me happy drugs.

(Going to ask about medical marijuana, because why the hell not.)
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I have chronic depression. I've been clinically diagnosed. So actually getting dressed and leaving the house takes a rather extreme amount of effort, much more than the average human being.

Today, I decided I would like to go for a drive. It took me around three hours to convince myself that pants were a good idea, and I put on my jacket and started the car.

So I turn on Harvey Danger, pull out of the driveway, and then...and then the battery light came on, and there was a burning smell. So I got all of 500 feet outside the driveway before I turned around and came back.

Let's count the issues this car has had in the 6 months I've owned it:

• Front charger plug does not work (not a huge issue, just a mild annoyance)
• Vacuum pump leaks ($700+ repair cost, not fixed yet due to not NEEDING it entirely)
• Battery died. This would be normal, as I'm suspecting it was never changed and the car is five years old which is the life of a battery, except it died in a spectacular fashion involving a severe amount of corrosion which is extremely dangerous. Also ruined the battery cables. $450 repair cost, had to be done to actually drive the car.

And now, I'm guessing from the battery warning lights along with the burning smell, it appears to have an alternator issue.

Talking to the manager at the dealer last time, I swore that I would be finding a new car if it had an alternator issue. Well. Looks like that's happening.

I expected these issues with my 20-year old car. A 5-year old car that I bought from an official dealer? Not so much.

I think that if I get another car, it probably will not be a Volvo.


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