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Doing taxes, utterly frustrated that my 3-ish months of employment seem to have fucked over our chances of a return. Apparently my job didn't withhold anything (which I SHOULD HAVE NOTICED on my pay stubs, but that job stressed me out so much I didn't care), and now I owe the feds.

Lesson learned: Real jobs suck and never get another one.


I follow a couple graphic design blogs and I'm constantly amazed at how much whitespace exists in "classy" graphic design. Sure, it looks great (or it looks empty, depending on your opinion of the use of white space), but it tells you nothing about the product.

It also is something that usually doesn't make it too far out of the designers' roughs, from my past experiences. Generally marketing, PR, and various other people above you will think it's great but need stuff added, and you've left all this room, so clearly you can add stuff!

After a few years of working in the business, it's usually pretty easy to tell what parts of magazines/ads/etc. were the designers, and what part were the marketing department. Usually it's at least 80% marketing department =p


My mind has gone back to running a million miles an hour again, which I suppose would be great except my creative drive is basically non-existent. I've got a ton of ideas I'd like to work on and absolutely no desire to do them at all.

One of the things I didn't notice until it was gone was that the depression — I'm assuming it was the depression — put a silencer on the million miles an hour brain. My train of thought was that ridiculous high-speed thing Elon Musk came up with, but depression toned it down to…I dunno, a couple of hobos walking along a train track. I honestly don't think I MINDED my mind being a bit more quiet; it lead to a lot less paranoia and worry, which is often where my brain goes.

Another thing the depression dampered (or maybe it's the weather?) is my cabin fever. It used to be impossible for me to go a few days without going out just to get out of the house…nowadays I'm perfectly comfortable staying home. This is actually a good thing, because even though I have my own car now, going out leads to money being spent, and I can't afford it these days.


I'm contemplating getting a crafting die cutter — basically a little machine that can slice paper to precise shapes. Originally I was considering a Silhouette Cameo, figuring it'd be good for cutting out the custom scrapbooks I've been working on as well as button sheets. And then I looked further into die cutters and discovered the Silver Bullet, which can do leather and wood and plastic AND can emboss & engrave and dammit, I wish I had more money to spend on this kind of stuff =p

I need to get off my butt and finish some commissions so I can have "Help Tabbie pay her taxes" and "Help Tabbie buy a die cutter" commission drives.

I also should get working on art for the card game that me and [ profile] fenris_lorsrai are doing, and other art projects. My art drive needs to come back, but I realize fully the only way of luring it here is to actually start using it.

The catch-22 of creativity; if you don't use it, it ain't there.


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